A quick hello

I’m still making my way round to introduce myself to everyone so if I haven’t met you yet, I’m sure we’ll catch up soon! As the new Corporate Fundraiser at Beams please don’t hesitate to get in touch if there’s anything you need or want to chat through.

Alex Field

Sponsorship Opportunities

Do you want to get your company in front of members of the local community throughout Kent? Sponsoring one of our events not only gets your branding in front of potential customers and partners, but 89% of consumers are more likely to choose a company that supports a local cause when all other criteria are the sameGet in touch today to talk more about our upcoming events and sponsorship opportunities:


  • Express Yourself Party – August
  • Charity Ball – November
  • Big Beams Christmas Quiz – December
  • Christmas 23 & Summer 24 Raffle – 12 Month Package