Keeping teams and customers safe at this time is rightly the main concern. Insight6 have a special offer for Chamber members.

Mark Perkins at Insight6 is offering their survey software to businesses at an initial price of £50+VAT per month (for a 3 month period). It’s a single purpose survey designed to help employers keep in touch with their teams as they return to work. 

The idea is to ask a simple question (via email) like: How safe did you feel at work today (or that week for example) and the respondent answers on a scale of 1-10. Depending on the score they select this prompts a follow up question to gather feedback on why they felt this way. Employers can then monitor how their teams are feeling and also keep a record of the survey feedback.The feedback request can be sent as many times as required to as many employees or contractors that they have and employers can monitor all the responses through our detailed reporting dashboard.

check out the video on this page which explains more and contact Mark Perkins on:

[email protected]

07545 045037

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