Everything a Business needs to know about dealing with Menopause in the workplace

The menopause will affect every single woman, and also trans and non-binary individuals, yet many people, both men and women, have little understanding of what the menopause is beyond hot flushes, and its effects. Although, over the last year or so, we have seen some movement in normalising the topic, with support from celebrities such as Davina McCall, Penny Lancaster and Rod Stewart, it remains somewhat a taboo subject especially in respect of having these conversations in the workplace. People are embarrassed to talk about the menopause which leaves many unprepared for the menopause itself or to support their friends, family, staff and colleagues through this.

Notwithstanding the above, as a result of this movement, we are seeing a significant increase in the number of claims being brought by individuals in the Employment Tribunal on grounds of menopause discrimination and it is expected that this number will continue to rise as the movement continues to gain momentum.

At Thackray Williams, we wanted to contribute to this important campaign and help educate businesses on what the menopause is, how your business can prepare for, and support, employees as they go through the menopause, and the financial and reputational consequences of not doing so.

We are therefore inviting you to our FREE Breakfast Event on 24th May 2022 at Donnington Manor, Sevenoaks where you’ll hear from Experts on menopause (from a medical, personal, and business perspective) including:

Cathy Proctor – Menopause Campaigner

Cheryl Rothon – Clinical Nurse Specialist – Menopause, PMS, POI

Thackray Williams’, Lisa Rothon, will be providing guidance on what you as a business needs to be doing to ensure that you have the right policies in place to support your employees fully when it comes to all things menopause.

There will also be a Q&A session with the ‘speaker panel’ at the end of the presentations.

Refreshments will be provided and there is free onsite parking.