12th September 2023 9.30 am – 4.00 pm, Chilston Park Hotel, Lenham, Maidstone

Momentum is not just a name; it embodies the essence of what this one-day event is all about. It serves as a catalyst for a small group of passionate business owners and entrepreneurs, equipping them with the tools, inspiration, and strategies to create remarkable progress in their digital journey and business.

The event focuses on social media strategy, networking, and thriving in the final quarter of the year. At Momentum, like-minded individuals come together to strategise their social media presence, connect with like-minded business owners, and prepare for 2024 with a solid plan of action.

 It’s all about unlocking the power of momentum. 

This transformative event empowers participants to embrace growth, seize exciting opportunities, and propel their businesses towards success, creating an unstoppable momentum that will propel them into a thriving future.


Who is it for?


Momentum is designed for ambitious business owners and passionate entrepreneurs who are eager to take their online presence and business growth to the next level. This event is for individuals who recognise the importance of social media strategy and want to leverage its power to connect with their audience, build their personal or company brand, and drive tangible results.

This event attracts like-minded individuals who are driven, forward-thinking, and ready to make significant progress in the last quarter of the year. If you’re eager to thrive in the digital landscape, connect with other passionate professionals, and be ready to achieve remarkable success in 2024, then Momentum is the event for you.


What will it cost?


Whether you choose the standard ticket for a comprehensive day of learning and networking or the VIP ticket for an enhanced experience with additional exclusive access to Zoe Cairns, Momentum promises to equip you with the knowledge, connections, and resources you need to thrive in the digital landscape.

Secure your spot now and take the next step towards achieving remarkable success in your online journey. 

Standard Ticket £290 
Standard Ticket Monthly Plan £300 (£100 x 3) 
VIP Ticket £499 (Day and Evening Dinner)