Hello PURE B2B

After three of our busiest masterminds this year, we have just one face-to-face meeting left in Kent before the short summer break, TONIGHT over dinner we will be in the lovely Black Horse Thurnham and it would great if you came and joined us so that we could hear your thoughts.

On the 15th August we are online as usual at 2pm

There is no T.Wells or Rochester Mastermind this month.

Meet In Bromley for lunch on the 24th August

The Masterminds in Kent will restart on the 12th September

Sevenoaks for dinner 13th September

Online at 2pm 19th September

T.Wells for lunch 20th September

Maidstone for dinner 21st September

Rochester for lunch 29th September

Have a wonderful Summer everyone (I hope the rain lets up!)

Best regards

Nigel Whittaker