Do you remember what you were doing 20 years ago?

Computer Troubleshooters Tonbridge remembers it clearly as it is all recorded in the business section of a local newspaper: the launch of our onsite IT support service was announced!

The world of computing has changed greatly since 2004.  Owning a computer represented a significant investment, and if the hardware failed it was well worth getting it repaired.  The article suggests that if you needed help with your PC, you would have to transport / *drag* it (remember, these were heavy units) into a shop; Computer Troubleshooters offered the novel approach of an onsite visit. 

From memory, the most frequent and problematic issue was virus infections.  Broadband was only just being introduced in the 2000s, so many computer users were also struggling with dial-up connections, causing annoyance to anyone in the household who needed to make a phone call as it jammed the one line in.

These days you could not imagine running a business, let alone managing your daily life, without access to the World Wide Web.  This makes this quote from the article so quaint yet charming:

“A large percentage of these businesses [small companies] conduct business through the internet.”

The article got Computer Troubleshooters off to a running start.  It sparked lots of interest locally.  A Tonbridge entrepreneur even called up to express their best wishes.  One reader recognised Steve Rice as a former colleague at NPI (a life assurance company based in Tunbridge Wells) and recommended him to her boss who was in need of a new server.  And thus began our 20-year relationship with Stepper UK.

The passing of 2 decades will inevitably see alterations in the business landscape.  If anything, our reliance on technology and the growth of cybercrime mean that, now more than ever, it is imperative to have trustworthy IT support.

Computer Troubleshooters has evolved with the times, but in all essentials it is fundamentally the same.   Offering a personalised and efficient service to charities and businesses, Shooting Through Computer Worries!

If your business needs its technology to be solved, you know who to call: Computer Troubleshooters, part of the Tonbridge business community for 20 years and counting.