Do you use Microsoft 365 for your emails and Office software?

A lot of businesses do, and the way they are paying for their subscriptions is about to be shaken up.  Microsoft has decided that it is high time for a price rise, but they also want to encourage companies to switch over to an annual subscription model.  Naturally, Microsoft have coined a new name for this service – New Commerce Experience (NCE)

If you switch over to an annual subscription before March, you will lock in the current price.  The downside – you have to pay upfront and you will only be able to add licences, but not reduce the count, during the subscription year.

You can opt to stay on monthly subscriptions, but prices are rising by up to 20%.  The upside – you can add and remove licences as staffing changes happen.  Very useful if you have a flexible workforce.

You can mix and match monthly and annual, and we will be advising our clients on the best options for their organisations.

It’s worth a conversation with Computer Troubleshooters soon to make sure you get access to the best pricing for your company call 01732 300064.

Welcome to the New Commerce Experience!