Everybody tells us that when they come out of the chamber they feel massively invigorated and most say they would love to do it more often if only they could afford it.  A session in our cryotherapy chamber can help with post-activity recovery in much the same way as an ice bath can. But by taking a high-tech approach and treating the whole body, users report a wealth of extra benefits, from improved wellbeing to effective pain management.

I’m very happy to announce we have developed some new memberships which start at as little as £39 per month.  For this you can take a single whole body chamber here at Cryojuvenate UK (RRP £50) each and every month.  The real advantage of this scheme comes into play when you take your 2nd & 3rd chamber during the same month. If you like it that much your 4th Chamber will be FREE!

Whole Body Chamber per month\£39 (RRP £50)
2nd per month\additional £29
3rd per month\additional £20
4th per month\FREE