As the mercury rises and the heatwave looks set to continue, my question to you is: is it hot enough for you?

If work is quiet with everyone out on holiday, maybe there’s not enough going on to get hot under the collar.  Here are a few tips to spice up your office life:

  • Remove any antivirus programs
  • Click on every email attachment however dodgy it looks
  • Keep passwords simple and display them prominently – a post-it note works well
  • Cancel backups
  • Douse your laptop regularly with tea!

If you would rather not feel like you’re riding a white-knuckle ride and you are tired of playing Russian roulette with each mouse click, restore some calm by asking Computer Troubleshooters to take care of your computers.

And if you would prefer to stay chilled, remember that your computers appreciate the cool too – it is worth considering getting a cooling fan pad for your laptop.  This will stop it getting too hot to handle and prevent it from shutting down in the middle of a crucial meeting.

Don’t shoot – or boil – your computers, call the Computer Troubleshooters on 01732 300064.