Beyond Lockdown, with Your Mind All Powerful

You know the pandemic will get worse before it gets better. You have plenty of ideas to be healthier, but somehow never get round to it. You could be more productive yet have limited inspiration and energy!

Change is a hot topic right now; you can look at behaviours and make promises to alter them. You can be more aware of your psychology, your thinking quality, and apply will-power to change the content cognitively. However, the ultimate approach to change is to go upstream to the source of all human endeavour, i.e. spiritual evolution, go inwards, and understand how your mind works. Get insight around the basis you currently live; beliefs, prejudice, assumptions, fears, that keep you from truly creating the life you are inspired to live.

I had a complete meltdown, as Boris Johnson, our Prime Minister announced our third National lockdown, and it appears at least until the end of February 2021. No sports for another two probably three months, which pretty much eliminates the entire winter league.

These days, the difference for me as I continue to experience spiritual change is that within an hour, I felt fine, back to balance, even excited about what I could create with all this time on my hands. Before looking inwards to learn how I work as a human being insightfully, my disappointment would have lasted for days, maybe weeks, and productivity well under par! It is a transformation like I am a new person, and on some level, I am as I see like never before the constant potential for my mind to clear and feel better.

If this resonates, take a look and this affordable, online annual training program, “Be Your Mind Coach in 2021” Live, Work and Play well During Changing Times. This annual online training offers both one-on-one coaching sessions as well as regular monthly group workshops. It is only payable by monthly instalments to ensure that everyone gets the opportunity to attend. There are only 9 places on this unique training program.

Feel free to share with your friends and colleagues; it could just be the catalyst for change in their lives which they are grateful to you forever.

Be Your Mind Coach in 2021 – Live, Work and Play Well During Changing Times – A transformative coaching program to help you take power back over your mind.

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What People Say About Working with Denise

I appreciate the support Denise gave me when I was transitioning into my new role at Leinster and helping me understand how to ‘free my mind!

Stuart Lancaster – Senior Coach Leinster Rugby – Former England Rugby Coach

Denise has the skills and experience to wake people up to deeper knowledge about themselves. In the sporting arena, this knowledge happens to be crucially important.

Adam Ashe – Professional Rugby Player – Glasgow Warriors

Denise is impressive in her abilities by any standard. Her ability to teach and develop those around her, mark her out as someone with exceptional leadership and coaching skills. I constantly seek advice and counsel from her and trust her implicitly.

Floyd Woodrow MBE – Chairman and CEO of Chrysalis Worldwide

Denise has been instrumental in my evolving understanding of the Three Principles and how they specifically apply in high-performance sport. Her insightful and intuitive way of working has challenged and deepened my fundamental understanding of all human performance. I’ll always be appreciative of her significant role in my development as a performance director and coach.

Richard Pybus – Founder & CEO Optimal Performance – Former Director of Cricket – West Indies Cricket Board

Be Your Mind Coach is an annual training program, payable via twelve-monthly instalments.

To be in service during this unprecedented time, a special limited offer is available until 15th January 2021, at just £79/month for 12 months. (The regular investment for this program is £97/month for 12 months).

Your investment includes:

  • First Month – One-hour weekly, one-on-one on-line coaching calls x 4
  • Months Two and Three – One-hour bi-weekly, one-on-one online coaching calls x 4
  • Opportunity to schedule four additional one-hour on-line coaching calls as required.
  • Monthly, ninety-minute on-line small group (max 9 people) sessions x 12
  • All supporting digital downloads and resources.