You must have heard of the expression “close the stable door before the horse bolts”.  Perhaps it would be more apt to BOLT the stable door!  Did you know that both “bolts” are related to arrows (as in a crossbox bolt) – a solid metal bar to secure the door and horses bolting as swift as an arrow.

You may not have any horses to secure, but your business is bound to have data and a good reputation which it would be wise to protect.  And I am sure you have guessed who you need protection from: cybercriminals!

You hear about cyber-attacks every day.  Skinners Kent Academy in Tunbridge Wells was a victim just this Summer.  You may think it couldn’t happen to you, but just think how many dodgy emails land in your inbox.  Can you trust your team not to click on one?

The fact is – people are the weakest link.  Would you like to know how quickly your business could be breached? Head over to the Human Risk Report on our website to find out.  https://computertroubleshooters.co.uk/tonbridge/human-risk-report

How the Human Risk Report works: Online activity using your domain name is analysed, including on the dark web, and your team will be challenged with a phishing test. Then you will get a report with a human risk score and actionable tips.

If you would like to beef up your IT security, call the Computer Troubleshooters.  As they say, it is better, and a lot less costly, to bolt the stable door before the horse has bolted.

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