These timely webinars will provide practical advice and legal guidance to ensure your business is equipped to make the transition back to work post-lockdown

Planning for the future is a difficult task at the best of times. Right now, business owners are facing the additional challenge of trying to predict the demand for their products and services. Consideration also needs to be given to operational costs and expenses, staffing and stock levels, and continuing relationships with suppliers and customers to achieve business turnover, and ultimately generate a profit.

With this in mind, the webinars will address two main questions:

– What can I do now?
– What should I be thinking about in the near future?

Our specialist solicitors will give you advice on actions to take and how to safeguard your business and support your staff moving forward.

The 3 next topics are: 

7th May – Managing your property needs

12th May – Managing Cash flow and protecting your business

14th May – Managing your commercial decisions