Running a business brings both challenges and rewards.

You have all the skills of your profession or trade, you are your own boss, in charge of your own destiny.

Just imagine if you had the inside edge on all the other aspects of running a business, the ones you were never taught. Marketing, sales, finance, planning, business strategies, in fact all the knowledge and support you need to grow and develop your business.

BusinessCLUB is just that, an affordable programme to give you the knowledge, assistance, and support to help take your business forward. BusinessCLUB is a group programme delivered using video conferencing. Each month you will study a business skill, how it applies to your business and how to implement the content to bring additional profit and efficiency to your business. 

You will set goals detailing the changes you are going to implement in your business.  The Taster Session will introduce you to BusinessCLUB and show you the benefits BusinessCLUB will bring to you and your business.

There is no charge to attend the taster session. The ongoing monthly investment is just £147.00 exc.VAT.

Why not invite your contacts who would benefit from the BusinessCLUB taster session.

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