With the many challenges businesses have had to endure over the past few years, we would like to play our part in helping businesses keep up-to-date by offering a complimentary survey.

Surveys that we have selected for you to choose from are generic to most clients and are hot topics of concern right now:

•Customer / client satisfaction survey
•Employee wellbeing survey
•Tenant survey

Once you have selected a survey, we will provide you with the questionnaire we have designed (you will be welcome to change the questions within the subject and keeping within 20 questions). We will set up and host the survey, send you a survey link to send to employees or customers and within 2-3 weeks provide you with a management report. We can even brand the survey for you if you wish.

The catch … nothing whatsoever, but should you wish to do follow up surveys or other bespoke B2B or B2C surveys in the future, we hope you would consider us to quote. This is simply our chance to introduce our business and show you how good we are at what we do.

If you are interested, please email lauriecunningham@marketresearchhub.co.uk or phone 0203 432 0294 quoting “Sevenoaks Chamber”