Cryojuvenate is excited to announce that they will be working directly with Dr Glen Davison from the School of Sport and Exercise Sciences, the University of Kent in collaboration to carry out a controlled study to determine the effects of whole-body cryotherapy for symptoms in perimenopausal women.

Cryojuvenate will be working directly with the university in a scientific way to identify if the Cryotherapy treatment offered at Cryojuvenate is effective in modifying symptoms reported, and gain insight into potential biological mechanism. This project will monitor a group of women before, during and after a period of Cryotherapy treatment. The inclusion of biomarkers will allow us to know if these are physiological rather than psychologically-mediated effects.

The study is estimated to begin at the end of February 2021, it will span over a 2-4 week period whereby candidates will be subjected to a variety of cooling treatmentsBiomarkers will be taken during this time by the collection of saliva samples.