You hopefully know by now that not all emails are what they seem, and it pays to stay alert and think a moment before you charge into that message that has just landed in your inbox.

With the Ukraine situation, the National Cyber Security Centre has warned that you should be on the lookout for cyberattacks as increased activity is expected.

Do you trust your team – or even yourself – not to click on a dodgy email?  Remove the risk – and the temptation – by adding a spam filter to your system.

We use this ourselves and find that it protects your inbox from unwanted emails. You get a regular digest listing emails so that you can release good ones or mark bad ones as blocked so they never darken your door again!

For belt and braces, you could sign up for phishing training too!  And check out your dark web risk on our human risk report: computertroubleshooters.co.uk/tonbridge/human-risk-report

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