The French name for pancake day is Mardi Gras, a term associated with carnival festivities around the world from Brazil to Germany. The direct translation of Mardi Gras is Fat Tuesday. Lent is a time of abstinence in preparation for Easter, so you need to remove the temptation of fatty foods from the house; what better way to use up the eggs, flour and butter than cooking up a batch of pancakes?

In the business world, a great many companies synchronise their financial year with the tax yearwith their company year-end falling on 30 March in readiness for the tax year-end of 5th April. Just as a household clears out the pantry in readiness for Lent, so a business has budgets for capital expenditure which needs to be allocated before the deadline arrives.

What better time than pancake day to take a long look at your current IT setup and allocate your funds to use up the budget before it is written off?

Whether you are considering replacing your server, setting up some new computers or improving the way your technology is monitored and managed, take action today!

Computer Troubleshooters is ready and willing to support you in this review.  Use us as your trusted adviser so that your IT spend is directed to the most effective use for your organisation call us on 01732 300064.

Enjoy your pancakes!  Have fun spending your IT budget!