Do you still remember your childhood landline number?

In the days before mobile phones your number was drilled into you, and your Mum checked that you had your 2p coin in your pocket to make an emergency call from a red telephone box. It may even have been part of the Brownie training – Be Prepared!

Now it’s too easy to let your smart phone take the strain, and very few numbers are committed to your own (as opposed to your phone’s) memory.

Even so, a lot of people are attached to their landline numbers and keep address books full of the contacts of family and friends. Imagine the desolation, then, when they are moving out of area or perhaps into care and cannot take their landline with them.

A local solicitor had a customer facing just this dilemma – let’s call her Mabel – and as a result we have designed the perfect solution:

  • Mabel gets to keep her landline number
  • She can make and receive calls as if she still has her landline
  • The number is ported to a mobile app, which can be accessed via her own mobile, or, as in Mabel’s case, a senior-friendly one supplied by us.
  • It’s a simple rolling monthly contract with no long-term commitments.

We would now like to offer the senior service phone bundle to other Mabels.

  • Do you know a Mabel moving to a retirement flat with no landline?
  • Do you have a family member moving to a different area who wants to hang on to their familiar landline number?
  • Do you know the marketing manager of a care home who is supporting ladies and gentlemen like Mabel as they prepare to move in?

Make sure Mabel stays in contact with her friends!  Mildred, Dulcie and Reginald are welcome too!

Please give us a call on our landline number – 01732 300064.  As I’m sure Mabel will remember the old BT advert – It’s good to talk!