Advances in technology, more uptake of cloud accounting & the changes brought about by MTD and the Covid-19 pandemic mean there are great opportunities for accountants to:

– Automate time-consuming tasks
– Spend more time on business advisory services for clients
– Use real-time data to help clients make business decisions
– Work wherever they’re needed

Beaming, the specialist business ISP, has published a new series of best practice films exploring how forward thinking accountancy firms are leading the latest wave of technological change in the sector.

The films are available to view on YouTube and with an accompanying report and full transcript which can also be downloaded  HERE

Sonia Blizzard, managing director of Beaming, comments: 

“Accounting firms are undergoing a period of rapid transformation driven by factors such as Making Tax Digital and the Covid crisis, and technology is at the heart of that change. We specialise in providing the fast, secure and reliable infrastructure accountants need to support new ways of working and were delighted to bring together industry experts to share how firms are changing.”

What’s discussed in the series?

  • What is the next chapter in digital in the accounting sector?
  • The rise of advisory services in accounting
  • How will real-time data change accounting?
  • What’s next in accounting technology?
  • Do accountants need to work in the office?
  • How should accountants respond to cyber crime?