If you were asked to describe your business using references to the James Bond film franchise, what would you say?

This was the gauntlet laid down to the members of BNI Sevenoaks this week, and the members rose to the occasion with inventiveness that did not disappoint.

Some of the highlights:

  • Miss Moneypenny aka Sue Allen of UW saving your pennies when the Skyfalls in.
  • Our mortgage broker Glenn Fuller won’t say Dr No if you want to purchase the Skyfall estate – actually on the market now for £2.2 million.
  • Our carpet and upholstery cleaner 00 House of Beck can clean up the crime scene after 007 has visited.
  • Business coach Emma Cole plays a vital and supporting role, like all the animals in the Bond films.
  • Simeon Blewett our litigation lawyer expects Bond to face a trail of lawsuits. He may have a licence to kill but he still has a duty of care! 
  • As Simeon says: I could tell you, but then I would have to bill you!

What was Computer Troubleshooters’ take on the theme?

Have you guessed? It had to be Q of course.

Here’s what we had to say:

Which part of a James Bond film do you most look forward to?  The car chases, the villain, waiting to see how they will introduce his stock phrases – shaken not stirred?

The most original part of the films, though, is when Bond makes his visit to Q to find out what gadgets he will be allowed to play with.  This tech is always so ingenious and is the perfect solution for the situations 007 finds himself in.

Computer Troubleshooters cannot offer you an invisible car or an exploding pen, but a visit to our HQ will leave our customers fully equipped with the technology solution allowing them to perform to perfection in their jobs.

If your business is in need of a tech upgrade, don’t shoot your computers (with a Walther PPK!), call the Computer Troubleshooters!

If you don’t want to be shaken and stirred by your computers, call 01732 300064 – licensed to protect.