Computer Troubleshooters is developing a reputation for taking inspiration for blog posts from unusual places, so you won’t be surprised to see that your friendly, neighbourhood blog-writer has accepted the challenge from a networking colleague to talk about Mary Poppins!

Surely Mary Poppins, Edwardian supernanny and star of the eponymous Disney movie, has little in common with IT support.  We accept the challenge, so here goes:

Why is Computer Troubleshooters like your favourite nanny?

  • They turn up at just the right time to look after a troubled company/household respectively.
  • They take care of your computers/children as if they were their own.
  • They make you do what’s good for you – whether it is taking medicine with a spoonful of sugar or backing up your computer systems and stopping you from clicking on phishing emails.
  • They appear to have magical abilities: in Mary’s case sliding up a bannister and using an umbrella as a parachute, in the case of Computer Troubleshooters miraculously fixing IT issues before you even knew you had any!

As Mary Poppins would say – practically perfect in every way!

If you are ready to have your unruly computers tamed and your IT setup to be spick and span, give the Computer Troubleshooters a call on 01732 300064.