1. Don’t sit under a light – you’ll end up with a shadow under your nose that looks like a moustache

2. Sit facing a window, and place a large piece of white paper flat on your desk in front of you or the laptop keyboard if you’re using your Webcam on your laptop screen. This will reflect light up underneath your neck and make you look a lot younger.

3. If you can’t sit in front of the window use a desk lamp. This shows the effect of a professional light but a desk lamp will work just as well. You can put a sheet of greaseproof paper in front of the light to dim it down a bit if it is too bright, or replace the bulb with a dimmer bulb. If you have use a desk lamp, make sure it’s about the same height as your face

4. Don’t sit too close to a wall behind you as this will create a shadow

5. If you have another desk light or standard lamp you could put it behind you for a flattering backlight just make sure it’s at an angle and not poniting at the camera.

Mark Jenner