Social media has become a part of everyday life for so many people, influencing their desicions. This short guide was put together by spotlightdm.co.uk and shares some tips on how to use social media to help your firm grow and gain new clients.

Pick the correct sites to post on

Post content on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as well as LinkedIn. I have spoken to several solicitors who only use LinkedIn to promote their practices and although LinkedIn is great it will limit the demographic you are exposed to. Using a range of sites will allow you to target a wide range of age and demographics such as first time home buyers on Instagram and parent of young children on Facebook.

Use Facebook Groups

Most towns have facebook groups such as local resident groups. Join these groups and interact in conversation you can then also share some of your company’s content into these groups to reach a large group of local people.

Explain your services

You may know that it is possible to use a change of name deeds to make your maiden name a middle name, but do local newlyweds? Create content that explains the use cases for your services.

Share reviews

If a client has emailed thanking you for your exceptional work; share it. Email the client back thanking them and ask if it would be possible to share their kind words online, you can even ask them to do this by leaving a Facebook review.

Like other business content

If you business law then make sure you are liking local businesses posts and commenting on them too. When you like or comment on a company’s post they will receive a notification letting them know, which will draw their attention to you.

Share case studies

People want to know what to expect when going through a legal prosses. Sharing a case study about a probate or conveyancing project can help reassure potential clients and get them to trust you before they have even met you.

Know when you don’t have time

Understanding that no one in your company has the spare time to focus and so social media right is important, as a Facebook profile that has not been updated in weeks can be worse than not having a profile at all.  Outsourcing your digital marketing can free up your time, as well as ensuring social media is taken care of. If you would like to outsource your marketing we would, of course, love to help. 

Good luck with the social media we look forward to seeing your posts soon. Need any help or wish to discuss this topic further get in touch maddy@spotlightdm.co.uk