12 April 2021 is not just special for being freedom day with businesses being able to open again as the national lockdown relaxes, although this is something to celebrate.

Did you know that 12 April 2021 marks the 60th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s first voyage into orbit and with it the start of the space age?

Space travel would not have been possible without huge leaps in technology, but the Vostok 1 spacecraft looks pretty rudimentary by today’s standards. Just think what a typical office looked like in the 1960s – typing pools with manual typewriters and ranks of filing cabinets – think of Endeavour and Call the Midwife on the TV – and you will see that business technology has evolved somewhat too!

Is your business IT ready for a rocket boost?  You can focus on doing business if your computers are fine-tuned and you have professional email and file-sharing systems in place. As your company blasts off into the stratosphere, it is also reassuring to know that there is a mission control you can call: “Houston, we have a problem”!

Fortunately for you, Computer Troubleshooters is primed for action on the launch pad, harnessing technological solutions to make your company zoom along.  If your business is ready for an upgrade into the space age, call the Troubleshooters on 01732 300064.