When you open up your email system in the morning, are you confronted with a mountain of spam?  And does that mountain steadily grow through the day?

You know that phishing emails are often lurking in that spam, but have you considered the impact on productivity for your team having to wade through those dodgy emails trying to spot legitimate messages?

A report suggests that receiving 100 emails a day equates to 80 hours of lost productivity a year.

The solution: get a good spam filter!  Stop the spam and phishing emails hitting your inbox.  Let your team see the wood for the trees, as it were.

Every good business coach will tell you that email notifications are the enemy of your time management resolutions.  Admit it, multi-tasking doesn’t really work, and a job takes twice as long as it should when you are continually distracted by email alerts popping up.  Switch off those pop-up notifications and schedule timeslots in your day when you deal with correspondence.

Phishing emails do occasionally slip through the spam filter net, so whilst you are improving your setup, consider some user training and enhanced security (multi-factor authentication) to stop the hackers in their tracks.

And relax!

Your slimmed-down mailbox with good security will let you focus on dealing with your business. Computer Troubleshooters is, as always, on hand to sort out the IT. Call 01732 300064