The Lockdown has taken their toll on everyone, but have you spared a thought for your technology?  We’ve been asking a lot of our computers recently with staff working from home, accessing Zoom meetings and logging in to the cloud for their data.

One of the bonuses of signing up for a Computer Troubleshooters service plan is that our monitoring software reveals the specification of your company’s machines. Many hard drives (the computer component where your data is stored) have sacrificed speed for capacity. We have discovered that the majority of 1TB hard drives have a speed of 5400 instead of the preferable 7200 rpm. This pales in comparison with the performance achieved by an SSD (solid state drive). Other elements which can be holding you back are the RAM (the working memory component) and the processor.

It really isn’t worth upgrading a computer if the basic infrastructure is too dated (motherboard, processor), but you can achieve an easy win if your machine is viable by getting Computer Troubleshooters to install RAM and SSD upgrades. Imagine not having to wait for your laptop to creep into action in the morning!

The problem might not lie with your computer, but rather with your company’s network. We have achieved noticeable improvements by installing a few strategically-placed wireless access points. Maybe you have had to rearrange the furniture to allow for social distancing; remember to check that your network points are still accessible.

Nobody likes slugs, whether they are nibbling your lettuces in the garden or slowing down your computer!

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