A Business/Voluntary Sector Partnered Podcast

Sevenoaks District Council believe that this approach will help with bridging the gap between the business and voluntary sectors and create new connections that are meaningful for all parties.

During Covid-19 SDC has relaunched the facilitation of a District-wide ‘virtual’ Voluntary Sector Forum (VS Forum). This is chaired by a voluntary sector member, Angela Painter. SDC facilitates the Forum and provides administrative and organisational support. The Forum meets regularly and the aim is to be bring together all groups and organisations (whatever their role and size) in the voluntary and community sector to collaborate, share knowledge, best practice and solutions to challenges.

It has been reported as hugely beneficial but there is the growing need to maintain momentum with engagement as the impacts of the pandemic continue to emerge. One idea that capitalises on sharing information and generating new connections is a podcast about the recent journeys and future hopes of members of the voluntary and business sectors. This will enable the sharing of information via a medium that can be accessed when and where an individual wishes offering greater scope for it to reach, connect and benefit more people.

The podcast will be described as:

A podcast about the journeys that members of the voluntary and business sectors in West Kent’s Sevenoaks District are on and the path they hope to take. Members of both sectors have paired up to have a go at interviewing each other.

The aim:

To have an informal open chat about the challenges they face and the hope they have for the future. Be prepared to find yourself contacting these podcast stars to learn more about how you can connect with them. If there is one thing we have all learnt from these unprecedented times, it is that it is even more important to show kindness and share knowledge so that we have hope and can recover2gether. Enjoy!

Would you like to be involved?

As a business operating in the Sevenoaks District get in touch to express your interest. You will then be matched with a partner and introduced; agree a mutually convenient time to interview each other and send the date to Jenny at Sevenoaks District Council (details below). You will then be given guidance on how to do this.

If you’d like to join in please email Jenny at Jenny.Godfrey@sevenoaks.gov.uk expressing your interest and she will be in touch.