As you are aware, the Prime Minister has made a Halloween statement that we are heading into another lockdown on Thursday 5 November. It’s time to dust down the plans made for remote working back in March and make adjustments in the light of experience.

Your IT advisers Computer Troubleshooters are ready to support you through the next lockdown. Our technicians are set up to work remotely, and we continue to be available at the end of the phone and via email to help you with your computing arrangements.

If you have an immediate need for help, please call.

We will be reaching out to our service plan customers in the coming days to ensure that they are happy with their setup. As you can imagine, we now have lots of experience of setting up businesses to work from home so we are happy to have a discussion about the issues your company is facing.

What are the main areas to consider on the IT front?

  • Remote access: are your staff able to access the data and systems they need?
  • Remote login: where your team members are logging in remotely to their office-based PC 
    • Are passwords in place and known?
    • Has remote access software been enabled for the computers to be used?
    • Is the computer user familiar with the process?
    • Is the computer set to remain online at all times?
  • Working from home: do your team members have suitable computers and monitors?
  • Furlough: are measures in place to ensure that furloughed staff cannot access your data and emails?

Don’t worry if you find that changes are needed as we progress through lockdown as we will still be here to help. Last time we fielded a lot of queries about printing from home; I wonder what will arise this time around?

How to contact Computer Troubleshooters

Call 01732 300064

Email support@ct-tonbridge.co.uk