The “ideal” customer journey versus the genuine experience can differ. Seeing your business through the customers’ eyes is essential. Why? So, you can improve customer satisfaction, build loyalty, and boost your bottom line!

Many businesses believe they offer a good customer experience, but only a tiny percentage (8-10%) of their customers feel the same way. These statistics highlight how touchpoints are crucial in shaping the customer journey. 

At insight6, we understand that exceptional customer experiences, and profitable businesses, start with effective customer journey mapping. That’s why we’ve curated a collection of content to help you achieve this goal.  

Our latest blog post explores the importance of touchpoints, offering insights and best practices for creating a practical customer journey map. At the same time, our latest expert interview discusses how to approach a customer journey map and how they can use one to improve business success. Plus, we’re sharing our blog on the basics with real examples for those new to journey mapping.

Finally, we’re happy to share our latest FREE Digital Guide – The Student Experience. If you work in higher education or have a loved one about to start their application journey, read on for insights on ensuring a positive experience. 

From attracting new customers to fostering loyalty, we’ve got you covered. Let’s work together to enhance the customer experience every step of the way!

Until next month, stay CX-focused! 

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