Marathon training in your 40s will inevitably boost your general health and fitness. Running is great for improving cardiovascular fitness and bone density, and combined with other complementary activities such as such as yoga, swimming and cycling can lead to increased muscle strength and flexibility.

Its marathon season

As the London Marathon is fast approaching (Sunday 2nd October) and just today (Sunday 4th September)  ‘The Big Half’ Marathon took place between Tower Bridge and the Cutty Sark (Greenwich) with plenty more marathons being hosted internationally all over the world.

Why do people run marathons?

Have you ever noticed how many marathon runners appear to be over 40 years old?  and some in their senior years?  Why and how do these amazing, disciplined people do it?

There are plenty of reasons people run marathons, many take on these types of challenges because it’s simply something on their bucket list, others are raising money for charities (often for personal reasons relating to something that has affected their lives), and many take up the challenge simply to try something new and because they can.  Whereas others are doing it to improve their fitness and experience something new.