Yes, it’s Star Wars Day, so named for the similarity of the date (4th May) to the Jedi greeting “May the Force be with you”.  The film franchise from a galaxy far, far away is particularly loved by IT geeks everywhere, and Computer Troubleshooters is not immune to its charms.

Technology abounds in the Star Wars movies, although you seldom see someone sitting at a terminal. Those spaceships wouldn’t function without sophisticated programming, and R2D2 has been seen hacking in to rescue the team from a rubbish compacter.  Screens have also been spotted in the X-wing flown by Luke to interpret R2D2’s binary language of beeps and boops.

Jedis rarely need computers to communicate; Obiwan Kenobi uses the power of suggestion and telepathy – “nothing to see here” – and Luke Skywalker is guided to his target by the Force.  R2D2 carries a video message from Princess Leia. Zoom meetings would definitely be more engaging if we could all attend using the Star Wars holograms – known correctly as holoprojectors – when we can’t be there in person.

Star Wars is, in essence, a fairy tale.  The Jedis and their allies must join battle against the forces of evil – Darth Vader and the Siths. As in all good fairy tales, our heroes always win the day.

Computer Troubleshooters technicians are like your team of Jedis. They deploy the Force – their IT knowhow – to wage war on cyber criminals. On top of that, they make sure that your technology allows you to steer your spaceship/business effectively in the right direction.

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