You surely know by now that the team of technicians at Computer Troubleshooters are dab hands at making your computers work well for your organization, but their talents do not end there.

When you order a new server or networking equipment, supplying and setting up the kit is only part of the deal.  In all likelihood you will also need a cabinet to contain everything neatly. Computer Troubleshooters takes care of the whole setup for you so that the transition should be seamless.

Imagine the challenge, then, when our intrepid technicians turned up to install a server cabinet but found that it was too large to fit through the door!

The solution: applying those troubleshooting skills to the conundrum before them, along with years of experience of flat-pack furniture and Meccano, there was only one option – take it apart, transport the pieces through the door and reassemble, making sure that all the components went back into the right places.

In this, they were way more successful than Eric Morecombe’s rendition of Greig’s Piano Concerto: “I’m playing all the right notes – but not necessarily in the right order.”

Whatever your IT issue, you need an adviser who can think outside the box and devise the perfect solution for you.  With Computer Troubleshooters, you can rest assured that you will have “Technology Solved”.

Whether you are planning an office move or server upgrade, or simply want to improve your email system, you know who to call – Computer Troubleshooters! 01732 300064