We are keen to ensure our members get the most out of their membership and are developing the following new initiatives that we wanted to share with you.

CHAMBER CHAMPION – With so many of our members going above and beyond to support fellow members, clients and colleagues during this challenging time we would love to hear your stories.  We aim to feature a Chamber Champion each month, where we can feature a story on social media about an act of kindness in your organisation, and example where you have supported your local business community or if you have developed a new service or product during the pandemic that will help others.  We think all of our members are Chamber champions, but if you have something to say about your organisation that will help us to promote you, get in touch. 

CHAMBER CHATS PODCAST SERIES – Please get in touch if you think you have a subject that is podcast worthy.

CHAMBER HELP BUTTON – Ask us for recommendations for specific services or products and we will respond with relevant member introductions.

KICK START SCHEME – If you are interested in the government scheme supporting young people into employment, we are working with art Kick Start West Kent to collate interested businesses to meet the 30-scheme minimum.  MORE INFO HERE

MEMBERS FORUM – Following on from the face to face session we held in November last year we will be sending out a questionnaire in the near future asking about how your business has been affected by Covid-19 and how the Chamber can continue to help recovery. Your feedback is invaluable to shaping our future sevices for you.

MENTORING – There has never been a more challenging time for businesses, and we think we have a wealth of experience at the Chamber to help leaders and managers weather the storm. If you think you can help us financially to sponsor a scheme like this, or would like to offer your services to mentor, please get in touch.

PROUD MEMBER OF THE CHAMBER – logo available to add to your website, email headers and communication linking to our website.  This will help us spread the word about the Chamber and the work we are doing to support businesses. DOWNLOAD HERE 

SOCIAL MEDIA – We are increasing our level of social media interaction and are prioritising our member posts for engagement. If you are using a particular social media platform, please tag us, follow us, and engage with our posts. Please also use the LinkedIn group to contact fellow members. 

START UP BUSINESSES – With more start-up businesses emerging from Covid-19 we would like to help support this important group of businesses. If you would be willing to sponsor a start-up programme or provide content to help new businesses get going with their new business venture, please get in touch.

THE RECOVERY SERIES – working with member organisations we are looking to pull together several thought-provoking webinars to help protect your businesses over the next 3 months. If you have a suitable subject please get in touch – Advertising & Marketing, Accountancy and Tax, Coaching, Corporate Recovery, Financial Services, HR, IT development and Legal to name but a few.

WORK EXPERIENCE – We were unable to support our local schools this year with our work experience week. We have suggested that businesses provide a video outlining the route to employment in their industry along with some tips and possibly a video tour of your premises if applicable. If you would like to get involved, please get in touch for further guidance.