This template is for making a suggestion to Sevenoaks District Council of a nominee for the Queen’s Honours Awards.

If you have any nominee suggestions please complete and return by February 28th.  This gives us enough time to consider those suggested, obtain 2 letters of support and write the nomination(s).

This submission is for the Queen’s Birthday (submitted early April for June announcement). Remember: if the person you are suggesting is retiring from the role that you are nominating them for, the nomination must be made within 6-months of their retirement.

Please complete all sections below and return to communities@sevenoaks.gov.uk

If you do not know all of the information below (i.e. full name, DOB, home address, email address, telephone number) please state “unknown”. These details are required for a nomination to be made so if you know of anyone that may be able to help fill in any gaps please do state this on the form so that should the suggestion be taken forwards further investigative work can be undertaken.

  1. Your Name:
  2. Your contact email address:
  3. Your contact telephone number:
  4. Date:
  5. The full name of your suggested nominee, where known:
  6. The Date of Birth of your suggested nominee, where known:
  7. The home address of your suggested nominee, where known:
  8. The email address of your suggested nominee, where known:
  9. The telephone number of your suggested nominee, where known:
  10. The role of the suggested nominee that you believe they should be nominated for (please include title(s) of role(s); length of service/time spent volunteering/working; organisation name(s); area(s) of work):
  11. What impact has the voluntary work of the suggested nominee had? (include as much detail as possible, including where possible statistics on numbers of beneficiaries and differences made; specific areas/communities benefiting):
  12. Has the suggested nominee been paid to undertake the role(s) described above?

□       Yes, for all

□       Yes, for some

□       No, for none

  1. Where you have ticked ‘Yes for all’ or ‘Yes for some’ please state how they have gone above and beyond their paid role to achieve the impact they have (be as specific as possible):
  2. If you know of two individuals that could give a letter of support to a nomination please provide their name, role, how they know the suggested nominee and email/telephone number: