As you may know Oakley College (which incidentally will have a new name in September: The Oaks Specialist College) is a specialist further education college for young people aged between 19 and 25 with learning difficulties and/or disabilities and with an Education, Health and Care plan. 

We work in partnership and collaboration with many other organisations to achieve our vision which is to give all of our young adults opportunities to discover ways of learning that engage and enable them to gain new skills, knowledge and behaviours that develop them, and lead to them each being exceptionally well prepared for their next steps into adulthood and a positive, meaningful and productive long term future.

We are pleased and proud to work with Tesco, who have been generous in providing us with a fully fitted out and working Tesco mini-store within Oakley College so that our learners can develop invaluable employability and personal skills.  “In house” work and life related experience of this kind is especially invaluable whilst we all deal with the negative impact of the Covid pandemic on the economy and employment opportunities.

You are cordially invited to share the official opening of our Tesco mini-store and our Oakley College Spill the Beans Café, which is another of our enterprises to give our learners skills for independence and employability and supported by Tesco.  We hope that you can attend for an hour or so – save the date and come and see us and learn more about all that we do, network with others and enjoy our learners’ splendid hospitality with coffee, tea and cake.

If you could let us know if you are able to pop along that would be great so that our Spill the Beans catering crew know how many pastries to make! 

Contact: jackie.thurtle@oakley.ac.uk or Call 01732 207950