Today is Father’s Day– what better day to celebrate the father figures in your life.

My own dad is one of those clever, practical people who can help you out with wallpaper hanging and kitchen cabinet installation and can get your car back on the road after a quick check under the bonnet.

Lenny Henry once joked that he felt certain he had forgotten something when he first moved into his own place – it was his dad of course, that Wikipedia of household maintenance knowledge!

When you run your own business, you soon realise that you also need fatherly support in the form of a wise adviser.  It’s a case of not so much dealing with odd jobs like mending a dripping tap but rather with making sure your computers behave themselves.  Your business needs a fully-functioning IT system just as much as your home requires good central heating.

Fortunately for you, Computer Troubleshooters has a team of talented “fathers” with a wealth of experience from setting up servers to ensuring that your company is safe from cyber criminals.  They are bound to come up with the perfect advice, letting you concentrate on running your company.

Don’t shoot your computers, ask your dad to sort them out! Call Computer Troubleshooters on 01732 300064