The Business Awards has become a highlight in the annual calendar for local businesses. This annual event provides an opportunity to promote local businesses to each other and the public and recognise their achievements.

Unfortunately, during 2020 due to the pandemic this event did not take place.

2021 is still a difficult time and our local businesses need help more than ever, hence our Love Your Local Business campaign. The Town Team are therefore looking at exciting methods to move forward with creating a virtual Business Awards. This will need to be a different format to previous years and will be more difficult to generate income to underwrite the events.

2021 Business Awards

The proposal is for a live streamed ‘at home’ award ceremony, with a few surprises, to celebrate Sevenoaks businesses and recognise their contributions to the community since the start of the pandemic.

The 2021 Business Awards will have different categories this year and this cutting-edge award ceremony will not only highlight the incredible work local businesses have done to adapt, survive, and help their community – it will also be a fantastic and entertaining night that can be enjoyed by business leaders and their families at home.


The Town Team is no different to other organisations, it has been unable to carry on with its normal income generating activities. We need to be aware also that the Business Awards will not generate income from the sit-down meal tickets.

The Business Awards have always been generously sponsored by local businesses and we are hoping that those who can do will again this year. The Town Team will do all that it can to promote those who sponsor the events. We would be happy to discuss this with you please email: admin.tp@sevenoakstown.gov.uk.

Sponsorship opportunities start from £500.