Help create a magical walking trail to light up our Neighbourhood  – 27 November to 31 December 2020

What is it?

Window Wanderland is an uplifting, family-friendly event, where residents, businesses, groups and schools can create a display for their window, door or garden. These individual windows across the town will transform our streets into dazzling galleries and the beauty of Sevenoaks’ unique community spirit will be showcased and ablaze for all to see.

We are asking everyone in the town if they’d like to make a window display. Anyone can take part and almost anything can count as a display: from a string of fairy lights to a band playing in the living room. No fancy lighting needed, just a normal room light or lamp to illuminate your display will bring your window to life. As long as it’s family friendly, anything goes!

Once you’ve created your window display and it can be seen from the road, local residents can enjoy your creativity. The event is fun, creative, inclusive and spreads a little joy.

Visit the website windowwanderland.com for ideas. 

What are the aims?

Window Wanderland was started in Bristol in February 2015 by set designer Lucy Reeves to help bring communities together, ward off isolation and spread happiness in the gloom of winter.  Sevenoaks Town Council is co-ordinating this exciting community event to include everyone in Sevenoaks who wishes to take part and spread some happiness across the town. In these particularly challenging times during the second Lockdown period, this is a great way to share some festive spirit with your neighbours, friends and family in a safe way.  

How can you get involved?
  • Promoting this event
  • Making a window display
  • Light up your window display from 6 to 9pm from 27th November to 31st December
Where do you sign up?   

Go to Sevenoaks Window Wanderland event page at sevenoakswindowwanderland-2020

Register on the website, get yourselves on the Sevenoaks trail map, receive a welcome pack, and become a windowmaker!

Please contact council@sevenoakstown.gov.uk if you’d like more information or have any queries.