You have to be of a certain age to know about Candid Camera – a comedy TV show which started in the United States with Allen Funt and was brought to the UK in the 60s and 70s hosted by Bob Monkhouse. The concept was that people acted naturally in front of camera as they did not know that they were being filmed while being subjected to practical jokes. When the “joke” was revealed, the victim would be told Smile – you’re on Candid Camera!

Through BNI I have met Clive Allcorn who specializes in brand photography. You can see some of his work on his website. It is very easy to see the value of brand photography when you sell a product, but how could this work for something as intangible as IT Support? Undaunted, Clive Allcorn was up to the challenge for Computer Troubleshooters.

Business coaches often advise that you need to develop a business that can run without you, removing yourself from the company, but Clive believes that prospects need to meet the people behind the business. It certainly beats having photos of computers!

At BNI we often talk about the need for your referral partners and customers to know, like and trust you. Interestingly, Richard Tubb’s (adviser to IT support businesses and Tribal Elder at the Tech Tribe) most recent newsletter tackles this very subject. He writes:

  • Know – Are you allowing your existing and prospective clients to know you? Does your website let people know the people behind the business, or is it a faceless business flyer?

The photoshoot is the culmination of a lot of preparation. Clive makes sure he understands your business and what you are trying to achieve with the photos. The contents are then planned, with the focus being on the people in the business.

I have always hated having my photo taken, but it turns out that the rest of the Computer Troubleshooters team are even worse than me. For now, I am the figurehead for our company, but I hope that Clive will manage to coax out our camera-shy technicians in time.

The 2 main aspects which we wanted to highlight were our excellent customers and the great relationship we have with them, and our hometown of Tonbridge. We decided to take some action shots with 2 long-standing Computer Troubleshooters customers, and then tour the landmarks of Tonbridge.  Clive has captured the spirit of Computer Troubleshooters and fixed us firmly in our Tonbridge home.

We started off with a visit to Otford charity Hospices of Hope, and a visit to their tearoom for a delicious slice of cake. Jay and Liana kindly agreed to feature in shots at their computers. This proved to be quite a challenge for Clive as their office is in a 16th century building and the lighting was tricky to say the least.

Next stop was our longest-standing customer Stepper UK, distributor of luxury eyewear. Their office manager Penny kindly agreed to pose for photos, both out front with the trusty Computer Troubleshooters van, and in their well-appointed offices.

We left the van at Stepper and headed out to scout out suitable locations around Tonbridge, with Clive working out suitable shots as the opportunities presented themselves. We took in the River Medway with Tonbridge Castle in the background, Tonbridge School, the Tonbridge Castle Gatehouse and the magnificent eye painting on the front of Escape Gallery housed in the Tonbridge Old Fire Station.

With the focus on hunting out good scenes to feature in our photoshoot, I soon forgot I was on Candid Camera and Clive succeeded in producing some amazing photos. I would suggest that you forget about your dislike of posing for photos and get Clive to produce some great shots for your company too.  Now you can see us and what makes our hometown Tonbridge so special.

The proof of the pudding is in seeing the reaction on social media. So far there have been nothing but compliments on Facebook, and the photos have definitely attracted attention. Watch this space for more reveals soon.

So, as Karl Marx might have said if he were promoting a company today: Workers of the world unite in being photographed! You have nothing to lose but your inhibitions and everything to gain for your business.

If you want your business to stand out from the crowd, call Clive Allcorn on 07989 356111.

For all your IT support needs, call Computer Troubleshooters on 01732 300064.