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Self-isolation is important to stop the spread of Covid-19, but complete isolation is not conducive to the health of your business!

As a trusted IT advisers, we are here to keep the channels of communication open in your company.  Our team – all set up in home offices – is ready to assist you with any computing challenges which can be dealt with remotely.

This week we have been mostly been:

  • Setting up remote access from home PCs to computers based in the office*
  • Sourcing ever-more-scarce laptops and monitors
  • Setting up new laptops for use in working from home
  • Helping with cloud system issues.

(*our monitoring software has a facility for end-users to be able to log in remotely too. We can offer this tool to non-service plan customers as well.)

From our own experience of working in a team who are not physically in the same office, we know that communication is more important than ever.  We have been using Teams, part of Microsoft Office 365, to keep the information exchange flowing.

Teams supports collaboration through chat, file sharing and video conferencing. For those unfamiliar with this tool, our friends at Bigger Brains have released a free video series to help you get the most out of Teams. This is a time-limited offer for the Coronavirus period only which you can access here.

Our VoIP telephone system has also given us flexibility in where our team members work. Our remote technicians have softphones linked to our company telephone number, and our handsets show who is on the phone, and who is available to receive a transferred call. You can even take your handsets home, plug them into your network and continue calling as if you were in the office. Our VoIP partner NSN (New Star Networks) is on hand during lockdown to ensure your phones work for you.

During lockdown Computer Troubleshooters will not be making onsite visits, but we plan to be available at the end of the phone. Please don’t feel isolated with your IT woes – we are happy to have a chat and keep you connected.

Call Computer Troubleshooters on 01732 300064 – technology solved.