Nobody knows the future, but we can all still plan ahead. No one likes paying tax, but with some simple advance planning and a small amount of time you can minimise your future tax liabilities.

  • Have you been offered guidance on the best way to structure your business?
  • Are you aware of tax reliefs available whilst running your business?
  • Have you thought about exit strategies even if this might be many years ahead?
  • Have you been given Inheritance Tax planning advice?
  • Are you getting the right advice regarding the Capital Gains Tax changes that are just around the corner? For example:
  • Letting relief will potentially only be available to those who shared occupation of their house with a tenant.
  • If you sell a property that was once your main residence, in most cases only the final nine months of ownership will qualify for private residence relief. The final-period exemption is currently 18 months.
  • Anyone making a taxable gain from the sale of a UK residential property will have a 30-day window to submit a residential property capital gains tax return and pay any capital gains tax owed.
  • Are you receiving advice to ensure you are making the most of the available tax allowances and helping you to structure income to minimise your tax?
  • Are you being advised to take more dividends before the end of the tax year, or perhaps postpone a dividend until the new tax year? 

Often we suggest that a client talks to a financial advisor regarding pension payments but this should be done well in advance of the 5th April!  We also undertake an income review for clients at least once a year to ensure they are keeping on track.

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