Many companies talk about the ability to wow existing and potential customers by giving them an unforgettable experience, but few actually have the technology to back that up. What if you could make an instant impression as soon as your client walks onto your premises? What if, instead of the same old ‘business as usual’, your technology and imagination could transport them into a new reality?

In the visualisation space, more organisations are exploring new possibilities through strategic “techoration” that literally elevates the creative placement of display screens into an art form. A term first coined in 2008 by interior decorator Doug Wilson, techorating is the intersection of technology and interior design and most commonly refers to the application of display technologies or video walls as a canvas for engaging, informative and entertaining content in public settings.

As more organisations begin evaluating new and differentiating avenues to capture attention, reposition their brands and regain traffic, innovative and creative techoration is seeing a resurgence everywhere from public spaces to office buildings. Sonic Syndicate can help. Please ask us for more information.