With unemployment continuing to be at an all-time low, recruitment continues to be a challenge. Ten2Two are working with a band of progressive businesses bolstering our economy, by tapping into a highly skilled professional talent pool, appointing employees on flexible working hours.

They set out to create half a million flexi hours across the Kent & Bromley region within 5 years of the flexible legislation coming into force in 2014? Well this week they smashed that target and there’s no stopping them now.

To celebrate this landmark, they have launched a Flexible and Proud campaign to highlight the valuable contribution made by employees working flexible hours.

Get involved

Please visit flexisense.biz and use the #FlexiSense hashtag to join the conversation on social media. Let’s together show the rest of the country how it’s done.

Can you really afford to close your eyes to the wealth of talent on your doorstep and not consider flexible hours? In these uncertain economic times, of course you can’t.

Raise your profile

If you are already growing your team with flexible workers that’s great news, Ten2Two would love to showcase your business on their campaign page, so please get in touch with Andrea or Kirsteen so they can help to tell your story and raise your profile.

Sign up

If you are considering adopting flexible hours, then they would love you to join them. they will be running a webinar for new businesses to listen to the success stories of other organisations who have embraced this model of working successfully.

Register for the webinar via the campaign page flexisense.biz or contact Andrea directly for more information on andrea@ten2two.org