When the weather turns autumnal, the “Back to School” adverts appear in shop windows and students are getting kitted out ready for Freshers’ Week, do you suffer a moment of regret or FOMO (fear of missing out) that you are no longer included in the academic world?

Or are you simply relieved that your school days are behind you?

Just because you have graduated from education, you don’t need to give up on expanding your knowledge.  In fact, in the workplace, there are always opportunities to learn and, indeed, a need to keep abreast of the latest developments.

When you consider booking yourself onto a training course, which areas are you concerned about?

  • Industry-specific knowledge
  • Business management/coaching
  • How to use your systems – accounting, CRM (customer management)
  • First Aid?

I’d like to suggest that there is something very important missing from this list: Cyber Security!

But Don’t Panic!

Your Computer Troubleshooters are always on hand to implement security measures or to get you out of a sticky situation.  You can rely on your IT support team to have your back.

It is widely acknowledged, however, that, when it comes to cyber security, the weakest link is the user.  You can create sophisticated passwords and purchase virus and spam protection, but your business will still be at risk if a team member clicks on a dodgy email.

Consider investing in Security Awareness Training for your staff.  This provides instruction in dangers to be on the lookout for, but also follows up with tailored phishing tests to check whether they can still be tempted to take the bait.

You are never too old to learn something new – even old dogs can learn new tricks after all – and the benefits to your business could be immense.  Check out if your company is vulnerable to hackers with this Human Risk Report.

Is it time to get your team enrolled for training?  Ask Computer Troubleshooters How on 01732 300064.