Mutual trust between business leaders and their people is key to creating great places to work when considering new hybrid workplace models, according to a new report commissioned by Kent and Sussex based law firm, Rix & Kay.

The report entitled Making a hybrid workplace a great workplace considers a range of leading research conducted by the likes of Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and Microsoft’s 2021 Work Trends Index. It suggests that building on greater levels of mutual trust within an organisation and its people can significantly reduce stress at work, increase wellbeing and increase productivity.

The report also focuses on organisations looking to re-shape their workplaces as they emerge from the pandemic and look to adopt hybrid working models including flexible working; smart working; working 3:2, and distributed working. The report concludes that those organisations who actively seek to earn trust, build trust and maintain trust will be the winners.

Richard Cripps, Managing Partner at Rix & Kay, who took part in the report comments:

“This is a once in multiple generations opportunity to reshape workplaces for good for employers, their people and clients. If we can get this right, businesses will experience better outcomes, attract and retain great clients, recruit the best people creating a better future of work for us all.”

The report coincides with Rix & Kay’s strategic review of its employer brand proposition and a re-focus on its core values, as it begins to adopt its own hybrid working model. It also identifies some practical and immediate steps to be taken before organisations can move on to the longer-term strategic thinking a successful hybrid workplace requires. Practical steps include:

  • Reviewing working management practices, job descriptions, policies working hours, billing and time tracking
  • Assessing physical and mental health of employees
  • Assessing workspaces owned or leased. Carrying out a space audit
  • Getting hardware and software basics right – open calendars, desk booking software, make sure it’s all working as it should. Avoid piling on micro stresses caused by system glitches
  • Involving employees in how they return to the office and work in new ways

A full copy of the report can be downloaded here Making a hybrid workplace a great workplace.