Business networking has moved online since Lockdown first began, and this, of course, lays the meeting open to attack from cyber criminals. Zoom-bombing, where uninvited visitors make an appearance and disrupt a meeting, is an ever-present threat which needs to be guarded against with password protection.

Imagine the surprise, then, when a hacker took the place of Steve Rice from Computer Troubleshooters at a recent meeting.

We managed to transcribe what he said:

Hello, my name is A Hacker. I am substituting for the Troubleshooter, Steve Rice, who is puppy walking …apparently!

I cannot tell you where I actually live as it is secret but let us just say “I live in the Dark Web”. I am a professional cybercriminal. My speciality is to write malicious software called ransomware. I look for businesses that I can “persuade” to install my software. Once installed, it scans the computer for all documents, pictures and jumbles up the content to make them unreadable without a secret key. And guess who has the secret key! Muhaaaa Muhaaaa. .. But I am not a bad person, I give secret key to unlock files for small financial compensation.

I am looking for clients that don’t use Troubleshooters to help protect themselves from my attacks.

Troubleshooter told me….”specific is terrific”.  So, I am looking for independent travel agent, with the same simple password for all accounts.  Imagine the fun I could have with that.

Keep it simple…Password123…with a capital P

You have probably guessed that this was the illustrious Computer Troubleshooter Steve Rice himself, cunningly disguised by wearing a hoody and sunglasses. By making it real, the message to take cyber security seriously truly hit home.

Make sure your emails – and your online meetings – are protected from hackers.

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