You may be aware that Computer Troubleshooters is a member of a number of business networking groups.  As the meetings take place frequently, it can be difficult to produce an inspiring presentation every week. Imagine the delight, then, when BNI Sevenoaks challenged its members to incorporate Disney into their 60 seconds!

And they certainly rose to the challenge!

Lots of clever references to fairy tale castles, Mickey Mouse solutions and Fairy Godmothers making the magic happen.  A couple of members bravely sang, adding their own lyrics to Disney classics. Others were more philosophical, looking at Walt’s business acumen and ability to win awards.

Here are some of the highlights; could you guess what each profession would have mentioned?

Health Insurance: Jungle Book King Louie song (King of the insurers)

Accountant: Lion King – Rafiki – acting as your protector and guide

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner: Cinderella, of course

Solicitor: “Frozen” out of an inheritance?  “Tangled” in debt – you need help!

Mental Health Charity: Hakuna Matata – no worries

Builder: Buzz Lightyear, taking your property to infinity and beyond

Air Conditioning Expert: well, it just had to be Frozen!

Photographer: Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother, making you look charming.

And what was the subject of Computer Troubleshooters’ presentation?  Well, like a few of my colleagues, I took my inspiration from The Jungle Book. What do you reckon?

When you use IT for your business, it can feel like you are running through a Jungle (Book)!  Like Mowgli, you are afraid to become a victim to hackers -the tiger Shere Khan for Mowgli, cyber criminals for you. 

Fortunately for Mowgli, he was guided through the jungle and protected by Baloo and Baghera.

You can enjoy a clear, safe path through the IT jungle too, courtesy of a managed service plan with Computer Troubleshooters!

Choose Computer Troubleshooters as your Baloo and the Bare Necessities of Life will come to you!

Forget about your worries and your strife!

I’d love to know which Disney character you would choose for your business.

And if you are feeling in need of a Rafiki or a Baghera for your company, please get in touch – 01732 300064.