Do you agree that the movies in the 1980s had the catchiest film music?

You only need to hear that opening rhythm – di di dar-di-di daaar daaaar – and you know instantly that it is Ghostbusters! Has this put an earworm in your head? Are you humming along to the Ray Parker Jr song right now?

If you have an urge to hear the real thing, check out the original track on Youtube.

Keep this in mind, but make this subtle change:

If your phones don’t work

In your neighbourhood

Who you gonna call?

Computer Troubleshooters!

Do your customers just get an engaged tone when they try to call you?

Do you have to call out on your personal mobiles to keep the business line free?

And then do your customers call you on your personal phone at all hours because they’ve stored your number?

Would you like your business to look professional with a landline number, both for giving and receiving calls? Apparently this also gives you kudos with Google My Business, presumably as it confirms your geographic location.

Are you moving house and want to keep your landline number wherever you are moving to? Just think of all those contacts who have this number on speed dial.  And why should you need to bother learning a new phone number? Your new home might not even come with the option of a landline.

For all these situations – Who you gonna call?  Computer Troubleshooters!

Voip – internet telephony – is the solution.

  • No landlines required
  • as many lines as you need so your customers will never get an engaged line
  • professional hold music
  • you are not tied to your office, but can call out as if you are!
  • voicemail messages to your email so that you can pick them up wherever you are.

When you are ready for business class phones, you now know who you gonna call!

Computer Troubleshooters of course on 01732 300064