With the Football World Cup on the horizon, Computer Troubleshooters are inviting their service plan customers to partake in a “sweepstake” (although not technically a sweepstake as no gambling is taking place!).  Here’s the story of how this worked from the sweepstake’s first outing for the Euros in 2016.

Even for those people who would never think of entering a bookies’ shop or having a flutter via an online gambling app, there are certain major events, sporting or otherwise, where the enjoyment can be enhanced by participating in an office sweepstake. Where you wouldn’t normally care about the fate of a little-known horse in the Grand National, for example, you suddenly develop a passionate interest in the outcome of the race, all because of the £1 stake you wagered with your colleagues!

The UEFA European Championship 2016, more affectionately known as Euro 2016, was one such occasion when even the most ardent football-hater could suddenly display as much enthusiasm as the most fervent soccer fan.  But where is the fun in divvying up 24 teams when you only have a workforce of 4?

Here at Computer Troubleshooters Tonbridge we have hit upon a novel approach that has allowed us to be part of the action while sharing the joy (and the agony) with our service plan customers, who also find themselves faced with the small office dilemma.  On Friday morning, with the first match just hours away, we opened up our Euro 2016 sweepstake to our service plan and cloud customers on a first come, first served basis.  No entry fee to pay, but with the added incentive of a bottle of champagne for the winner!  This offer was taken up enthusiastically, with a steady flow of “count me in” emails arriving through the day.

At 5pm the team flags were placed into the hat – in our case a jolly red fez – and the sweepstake draw commenced.  We shared the team selections with our sweepstake participants, and the banter ensued.  As the competition progresses through its stages, we will keep everyone posted, ensuring that everyone lacking their own large office environment can join in the fun.

The ability to arrange sweepstakes is not a feature you usually look for when selecting an IT support partner, but we like to think of our customers as being part of the Computer Troubleshooters family.  We will look for more opportunities in future to invite our customers to join in community activities.  It is lovely to interact with our customers on a social basis rather than only being called upon when things go wrong IT-wise.  Not everyone is interested in joining a golf game, so fun competitions such as the Euro 2016 sweepstake are definitely the way to go.

Thank you to our lovely customers who have agreed to join in and make Euro 2016 a more enjoyable event.  I hope your team plays well – Good Luck!