Are you a senior leader of a team? If so, ever considered the impact of your responses when an employee speaks to you? Such an innocent conversation and exchange, yet the potential for damage and a person left disappointed and unheard is accurate even without you knowing!

Where a person listens from is essential, yet many managers are unaware of this attribute; notice if as they speak, you are already judging, agreeing or disagreeing, and can’t wait to say your bit – how deeply do you hear what they are up against inside their mind, and more crucially, how much do you care?

Deep listening might sound like a sophisticated communication skill when it is the by-product of two people connecting heart to heart. When you want to understand where a person is coming from, you stop hearing yourself talk instead of them; your old insecure wrap is realised, and you disregard it and go deeper into listening.

Speaking and sharing with another, human to human, is a beautiful equaliser; yes, you may be senior in role and responsibility, but that doesn’t define you as a human being. The most productive exchanges in business are when people settle into exploring mode, out of their wants and needs into the heart and soul of human life; that’s where the magic happens.

In elite sports, optimal functioning occurs when both athlete and coach unite as one, curious and fascinated by what’s possible through the body and mind; neither needs to be correct or influential. Both point upstream toward the impersonal source of all human performance for inspiration.

As in this short video clip, if you are on the end of a boss who innocently doesn’t listen well, it’s not personal; go ahead and take the lead, ask if they would be willing to explore the topic and find that common ground and wisdom, which connects us all?

If this resonates, and you can hear the power behind understanding how to create high-performing teams in your organisation, get in touch, and we’ll arrange a time to speak.

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